Blue Marlin


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Scientific name: Makaira nigricans
      The only member of the marlin family to be found in abundance in all warm oceans may also be the largest fish in the family. Though a 1,560-pound black marlin is the largest billfish listed on the IGFA record books, an 1,805-pound blue named Choy's monster was caught on rod and reel in Hawaii (Disqualified from the record books because it was fought by several different anglers). Blue marlin in excess of 2,000 pounds have been taken commercially on several occasions, leading some anglers to suspect that this might truly be the largest member of the marlin family.
Travelling time to fishing ground: 2 to 18 hours  away from take-off point
Philippine record: 236.84 kilograms or 522 lbs.
      A 28 kilogram or 61.6 lbs. Blue marlin was caught by Mang Nardo, a senior local fisherman using a mop lure and hand-line last mid-February, 1999 in the coastal waters of Anda, Pangasinan.
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Philippine Game Fish Catch Records
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Fishing Ground

Men 130 236.84 kgs. 522 lbs. July  '99 3 miles east of Susay Rock, San Vicente, Cagayan Philippines Victor V. Villavicencio
Men 80 208 kgs. 457.60 lbs. March 1, 1987 Pacific Ocean near Quezon province Dr. Bartolome B. Lapus
Men 50 138 kgs.
April 10, 1987 Sulu Sea Ernesto T. Echauz