Lake Caliraya & Lake Lumot (Sierra Lake)


Distance from Manila: 110 kilometers
Travel time: 2 hours & 30 minutes
Target specie: Largemouth Bass (Florida strain)
Elevation: 1,200 feet above sea level
Philippine Record: 5.14 kilograms (11.308 lbs.) 4-Dec-96 at Lake Lumot by Angler Jose "Boy" Bolos, Jr.



Lake Caliraya and Lake Lumot are two connected man-made lakes which was the result of an infrastructure project. It was actually a large reservoir built by American engineers in 1943 to supply water to the Caliraya Hydroelectric Plant. As the dams were constructed, entrepreneurs with foresight created two adjacent communities which were envisioned to be ecological communities, where one can enjoy the beauty and richness of unspoiled nature. The results were man-made mountain lakes complete with coves and sand bars - Lake Caliraya and Sierra Lakes.

The Americans also seeded the lake with Largemouth Black Bass imported from the USA, which continue to proliferate and provide game fishers with year-round weekend excitement.

In fact, the two lakes are the only place in the whole country where Philippine anglers can attempt to catch the famed Largemouth Black Bass, one of the top freshwater gamefish of the United States of America.

The waters of Lake Caliraya are cool and measures about 50 meters at its deepest. The lake extends and roves over partly submerged hills which form islands. The shores are of viscous red clay on some areas and pebbled on other areas.

The deep waters of the lake and the strong, cold mountain breeze that blows from the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges and the distant Mt. Banahaw, make Lake Caliraya an ideal place for aqua sports such as boating, wind surfing and water skiing. Commercial fishing is prohibited in the lake. A boat trip around the lake would take approximately four hours.


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