King Mackerel

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Scientific name: Scomberomorus cavalla
       Although regarded by many anglers primarily as a food fish, the often underrated Spanish mackerel is an excellent gamefish in its own right when sought with proper tackle-spinning, bait-casting, or fly tippets testing under 10 pounds. The fish is found commonly from the Chesapeake Bay through the Florida Keys and along much of Florida’s west coast, though straglers reach as far north as Cape Cod on the East Coast and as far west as the Texas Coast. Primarily a schooling fish, they may be encountered in a variety of situations that range from small, tightly packed schools to loosely scattered individuals over a sizable area. The fish responds well to both live bait and flashy or reflective artificial lures.
       The king mackerel is considered by any angler, and on light tackle it is a very fine gamefish. Though the average weight is 15 to 30 pounds, "smoker" kings of 70 pounds or more are taken each year. Occasionally caught as far north as Cape Cod, "kingfish" are most abundant from the Carolinas through Texas, and southward through the Caribbean to Brazil. They will take both trolled and live bait readily, often attacking from far below with such a rush that both bait and fish may be many feet in the air at the moment of hookup.
        Once hooked, the angler can expect long, hard runs – the lighter the tackle the more spectacular the fight. King mackerel can also be taken by chumming, using either bait or artificial lures in the chum slick. Some anglers have even taken very large fish on fly tackle.
Travelling time to fishing ground:40 minutes to 2 hours  away from take-off point
Philippine Game Fishing Foundation Sportfishing Club
Philippine Game Fish Catch Records
Class Line Weight Date

Fishing Ground

Men 30 27.10 kgs. 59.62 lbs. Jan. 26, 96 Naic, Cavite Nicolas A. Flordeliza Sr.


Technique Rod Reel Line
Hook Weight Bait
30 lb class boat rod 4/0 or 6/0 multiplier
30 lb nylon or
#8 Wire 4/0 to 6/0
Plugs,skirts Combination Ballyhoo w/ skirt or
live fish