Pacific Sailfish

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Scientific name: Istiophorus platypterus
      The most abundant of all billfish readily available to the angler, the sailfish is found worldwide in all warm seas. Although it is mistakenly assumed that all Pacific sailfish are larger than their Atlantic counterparts, the Pacific fish ordinarily run larger. The largest fish, however, are almost always encountered along the eastern sides of the various oceans basins. Eastern Atlantic sailfish, for example, are nearly as large as their Eastern Pacific cousins. Western Pacific and Indian Oceans sails are similar in size to the smaller fish caught off Florida.
      The sailfish is a superb light-tackle contender; it is a very poor performer when hooked on gear so heavy that it cannot develop the running speed necessary to launch its slender body into the air and achieve the extensive aerial display for which it is deservedly noted. It is also the fastest among all the billfishes, attaining speeds of 112 kph (70 mph) in short bursts. Because it can so successfully be teased to within casting range (specially in the Pacific) with hook-less baits, it has in recent years become an increasingly popular target of saltwater fly fishermen, many of whom consider this the ultimate in sensational angling with the long rod.
Travelling time to fishing ground: 2 hours 
Philippine Game Fishing Foundation Sportfishing Club
Philippine Game Fish Catch Records
Class Line Weight Date

Fishing Ground

Men & IGFA 30 93.75 kgs. 206.25 lbs. May 9, '90
Tubbataha Reefs, Sulu Sea
Noel Jones



Technique Rod Reel Line
Hook Weight Bait
30 lb class boat rod 4/0 to 6/0 multiplier
30 lb nylon or
#8 Wire 6/0
2 ounce egg weight
Mop lure or