Vic-Vic's Blue Marlin

The largest Blue Marlin ever to be caught on rod and reel in Asia to date!

A new Philippine Fishing record!

Common name: Blue Marlin
Other names: Billfish, Bondjing
Scientific name: Makaira nigricans
Place caught: 3 miles east of Susay Rock, San Vicente, Cagayan Philippines
Weight:  236.84 kilograms or 522 lbs.
Line: Maxima 130 lb. class IGFA-rated line
Reel: Penn 130 lb. class
Rod: Penn 130 lb. class trolling rod
Lure: Doorknob skirt with double hook
Battle time: 30 minutes
Note: Vic-Vic's catch is larger than the 462 lbs. Black Marlin caught by a Thai angler off a seamount 16 miles west of the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea.
         There is no previous record for a Blue Marlin on a 130 lb. line class but other previous records on the Blue Marlin on two different line classes was still intact. One was held by Dr. Bartolome B. Lapus, who caught a 208 kgs. or 457.60 lbs. Blue Marlin using an 80 lb. line on the Pacific Ocean near Quezon province last March 1, 1987.
        Mr. Villavicencio's Blue Marlin is the largest Blue Marlin in the world caught so far within this year only. Hawaii's largest so far was a 463.5 pounds Blue caught last July 18, 1999.


Picture courtesy of Mr. Victor V. Villavicencio