Mang Eddie's Charter

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Mr. Eddie Cacho with his 28 kilogram
or 61.60 lbs Giant Trevally


Fishing charters are available at Bolinao, Pangasinan through Mr. Eddie Cacho, the best fishing guide in the area.
Big game fishing (trolling) and bottom fishing is available.
Mr. Cacho is familiar with known wreck spots.
Game fish available in the area depending on the season are Sailfish, Giant Trevally (Talakitok), Wahoo, Narrow-barred Mackerel (Tanguigue), Dolphinfish (Dorado)
The boat owned by Mr. Cacho is a 8 meter (24 feet) local boat known as a "banca" which has outriggers on both sides of the boat and powered by a two-stroke 16 horsepower single engine.
The boat is about two and a half feet wide and can accommodate two passengers only.
It has no roof or shade whatsoever and only a slab of wood is used as a chair.
I recommend bringing your own meals (you are expected to provide the meal for the fishing guide), life vest, umbrella or full length clothing for protection against the elements (long-sleeve t-shirt with hood & water-proof jacket or poncho), portable urinal,  portable seats not more than 2 & 1/2 feet wide and an ice box.
I would also recommend bringing a hands-free radio transmitter because it is nearly impossible to communicate with the bangkero while the engine is running.
Mr. Cacho is fluent only in the Filipino language and an interpreter is needed for a foreign visitor.
Two rod holders and two gaffs are provided by Mr. Eddie Cacho.
Mr. Eddie Cacho comes highly recommended by me and other Sportsfisherman from Manila.
Please reserve and check weather & water conditions with Mr. Cacho at least two days before and the night before your scheduled trip to avoid unscheduled cancellation of fishing trips due to bad weather.

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