Chumming With "Pogy Oil"

Chumming with fish oil has become popular almost overnight for a wide variety of saltwater game fish. Fish oil can be used in saltwater to attract anything, from the smallest baitfish to your cast net, to the largest billfish to your oversized lure or bait.

Menhaden oil has emerged as the most popular fish oil for chumming purposes. Also called "Pogies", menhaden are among the oiliest fish in the sea. Thus, the scent produced by menhaden oil becomes very attractive to game fish from far and near.

The most common technique for dispensing fish oil is to simply pour it into an IV bag and set the valve so the oil drips into the water at a slow rate. The IV bag is attached to the gunnel of your boat where the slow dispensing of the oil into the water sets up a powerful oil slick.

This technique of chumming with fish oil is potent while trolling, drifting or fishing from an anchored boat.

Fish oil can also be used in a spray bottle for chumming up fish in a hurry. Before setting our your baits into your trolling spread, or dropping them down deep to the bottom, simply spray them with fish oil.

I also like to adjust the spray nozzle to the narrow stream setting before arriving at my favorite offshore fish haven. Once our sport fishing boat has come off plane and the baits are set in a trolling pattern, I will begin to spray the surface of the water at greater distances.

The fish oil sprayed over the fish haven will often fire up the fish and create a feeding frenzy! For information on how you can acquire famous "Fatso Pogy Oil" call 1-800-229-1682.

Reprinted from Humminbird tips