Fish scents

A recent study has proven that fish definitely show a taste preference for chicken livers. So, the next thing our king mackerel fishing team did was grind up a bunch of chicken livers and hang them off the side of our boat in a mesh bag. A winning kingfish was soon landed.
 Another study proved that some fishermen give off offensive enzymes from their hands. So when touching baits and lures, they are more than likely scaring off the game fish they are trying to catch.
 Saltwater fishermen are guilty of adding to this dilemma when they apply suntan oils to their hands and body. Naturally the suntan oil is needed to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. However, when these same fishermen handle baits and lures, they are also decreasing their chances for catching quality game fish.
 For this one reason, we will normally designate one or more fishermen in the boat to handle baits and lures. Someone else applies the suntan lotion. Their hands are not allowed to touch baits or lures.
 Saltwater fishermen are also guilty of putting baitfish in the same bucket used to wash down the boat. When the bait fish come in contact with the cleaning fluids they will more than likely pick up the odors capable of scaring off the targeted quarry.
 Another offensive situation arises when fishermen clean their fishing boats with a lot of bleach and soap. During the course of their next fishing outing, the bleach or soap may seep into the water by sea water that is being washed out the bilge or drains. This creates a "slick" that you can well do without.

Reprinted from Salt water fishing tips by Terry Lacoss