Philippine Official Triggerfish Record 

16 lb. line class


John with son, Bryce & his needlefish catch

Angler: John Paul P. Balingit
Fishing Guide: Eddie Cacho
Boat Name: Triple A
Common name: Titan Triggerfish
Scientific name: Balistoides viridescens
Local name: Papakol
Weight in kilograms: 7.59 kilograms
Weight in pounds: 16.698 pounds
Date caught: April 6, 2000
Place caught: Bolinao Bay, South China Sea, Pangasinan
Time of strike: 5:30 P.M.
Time caught: 5:45 P.M.
Battle time: 15 minutes
Line: 12 lb., Maxima line (Non-IGFA rated line, under PGFF & IGFA record rules, the next higher line class was recognized)
Reel: Quantum XR2 spinning reel


Shakespeare Firebird 7 feet spinning rod
Bait: Live shrimp

Certificate of Record Catch from the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation